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Shipping is fast here at Mosaic Tile Mania! We ship daily, Monday through Saturday, typically within one business day after your order has been placed. If you're ever in a hurry, please feel free to include a message with your order and we'll do our best to rush your order out the door a little faster.

Due to the prolonged impact of the pandemic, some delivery carriers are experiencing continued delays in certain areas. We appreciate your patience and encourage you to check order history for the status of your order.

U.S. Shipping (Including all 50 states, American Samoa, Guam & Puerto Rico)

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International Shipping is the same for all locations outside the USA:

Order Amount                     Postage Rate

$.01-$50                            $45

$50.01-$75                        $51

$75.01-$100                      $55

$100.01-$149                     $65

$149.01-$200                     $80

$200.01-$250                     $82

$250.01-$300                     $94

$300.01-$350                     $106

$350.01-$400                     $118

$400-$459.99                     $130

$450.01-$500                     $142