Shipping fast here at Mosaic Tile Mania!  I ship daily, Monday through Saturday, typically within one business day after your order has been placed.  Occasionally, shipping takes an extra day or two, especially after a busy weekend.  If you're ever in a hurry, please feel free to include a message with your order and I'll do my best to rush your order out the door a little faster.

Due to the prolonged impact of the pandemic, some delivery carriers are experiencing continued delays in certain areas. I appreciate your patience and encourage you to check order history for the status of your order.

US Shipping (Including all 50 states, American Samoa, Guam & Puerto Rico)

Order Amount                Postage Rate

$0-$99.99                              $8.90

$125-$100,000,000                FREE!



International Shipping is the same for all locations outside the USA:

Order Amount                     Postage Rate

$.01-$50                            $45

$50.01-$75                        $51

$75.01-$100                      $55

$100.01-$149                     $65

$149.01-$200                     $80

$200.01-$250                     $82

$250.01-$300                     $94

$300.01-$350                     $106

$350.01-$400                     $118

$400-$459.99                     $130

$450.01-$500                     $142