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9" Self-Adhesive Mesh for Mosaic Tiles, You Pick the Length (ft)

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This is 4.3 oz "super soft" fiberglass mesh with 36 holes per square inch - ideal for working with small tiles. One side is self-adhesive, so you don't have to make a mess with glue as you're laying out your design! Instead, you just lay your tiles in place, and that's it!

Mosaic mesh can be cut very easily into any shape or size you need. If you're working on a project like a border near a ceiling or a kitchen / bathroom back splash, you can create it in several, smaller sections or create one large mosaic and then cut it into smaller chunks (between the tiles) before installing. Then place it all together on the wall like pieces of a puzzle.

The mesh is 9" wide and the price is per linear foot. We have a large quantity available, and whatever length you order under 100' will be sent to you in sheets up to 10' long. So for a purchase quantity of 1, you will receive a piece measuring 12" x 9". If you order a quantity of 70, you will receive 7 sheets that are each 10' x 9". Your mesh will be cut from a roll like the one in the photo and folded for shipping.  Any creases can be smoothed by flattening out the mesh and stretching it by hand.  Orders of 100 feet or more may arrive as previously described or on a cardboard roll.  If you have a preference (on orders over 100'), please include it in the notes section when you place your order.  Thank you!

A full roll is 150ft and will receive the maximum discount and shipped as a full roll.  

 **** BULK DISCOUNTS of up to 50% are available for this item ****   (click the Bulk Pricing link above)


Place your mesh on a flat surface on top of your pattern, if you have one, with the sticky side up. Stick your tiles directly to the mesh with firm pressure so they'll stay in place. The adhesive feels very light to the touch, but it's surprisingly strong and will hold your tiles in place.

Trim stray edges, prepare your mosaic surface with adhesive and then stick the entire piece in place.

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