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DUNGEON GRAY #13 BALL CHAIN You pick length (ft)

Price: $1.95
This item is in stock
DUNGEON GRAY #13 BALL CHAIN You pick length (ft)
DUNGEON GRAY #13 BALL CHAIN You pick length (ft)
DUNGEON GRAY #13 BALL CHAIN You pick length (ft)
Brief Description
Detailed Description
The photo shows both of our specialty #13 ball chain varieties. This listing is for the Dungeon Gray chain on the top.

This is 6.3mm diameter ball chain, with 36 balls per foot. This is much larger than common ball chain.  Use it to create fantastic designs in your mosaics!  When you grout, the connectors between each ball disappear in the grout & you're left with what appears to look more like a line of beads.  It's a very fun way to add texture & a whole new look to your artwork! 

This item is sold by the foot, so if you enter a quantity of 5, you'll receive a single chain measuring 5 feet long. 


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